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Protect Your Data From Bad Actors

People are sharing their personal data at an unprecedented rate in today’s day and age, and bad actors are continuously collecting and misusing these data all the time, leading to identity theft, loss of reputation, etc.
Our personal data & privacy protection services aim to stop the misuse of your data and provide regular monitoring and alerts to keep you informed of any potential threats.

Protect your personal data

Uncover the Truth, Resolve Cybercrimes With Cyber Investigation

Concerned about your online security and privacy? Think you’re being stalked, harassed, or defamed online? Want to verify an entity’s credibility? Our cyber investigation services are here to help.
Identify & track down cybercriminals who may have committed cybercrimes against you.
Our experts will also conduct by-the-books investigations to find the information you need.

Defeat cybercriminals

Quick & Effective Response Against Cyber Incidents

Everyone is at risk of falling victim to cybercrime: identity theft, financial fraud, and other cyber attacks can have devastating consequences for individuals and their families.
Don’t wait until it’s too late - protect yourself and your loved ones. Our experts will help you contain any incident, identify the root cause, and implement measures to prevent it from happening again.

Fight Cyber Incidents

About us

How does our Service Work?

how it works

Welcome to our Crypto Asset Recovery website, where we specialize in helping individuals who have encountered difficulties with their cryptocurrency transactions and /assets. We understand that the world of cryptocurrencies can be complex and unforgiving, and even the smallest mistake can result in significant financial losses. That's where we come in.

Secure, air-gapped servers

Any and all secure client data is stored and processed on secure, air-gapped servers to protect your data.

Recovery of /assets

Our team of experienced professionals will recover your lost or misplaced cryptocurrency

Our Testimonials

left qouteI am posting this review here because I want to be of help to everyone out there, who in one or two ways has been scammed by online investment platforms. After going through a lot to recover my bitcoin although many people told me it’s impossible. If you've lost your bitcoin as a result of investing in binary options, trading platforms, your account was hacked or other bitcoin related scams or lost money to scammers online in whichever ways then You’re not alone. (I lost over $65,950 to skyrockettrade). Being a scam victim myself, I tried several means to recover my funds all to no avail, till I came across a this website that helped me recover my funds and this has been a life changing situation for me. if you are one the scam victims out there that finds it hard to get your funds back, then this is your best shot of getting your funds.right qoute

left qouteAm a living testimony to this recovery team. Your customer services are on point, no customer harassment, affordable and reliable as you all helped me recover my funds long forgotten crypto wallet.. i will leave a 3 start because it lasted 4 hours longer than i expected..right qoute

left qouteI lost $34k to some Asian Scammers, I Never felt so stupid and Humiliated. Then I was recommended to this site that helped me recover my funds. you stand a good chance with them as well and thank you recovery team for helping us through our darkest timesright qoute

left qoutehe biggest issue with cryptocurrency is that it is unregulated, which is why different people can come up with different fake stories all the time, and it is unfortunate that platforms like Facebook and others only care about the money they make from them through ads. I saw an ad on Facebook for Chickenfastmining and fell into the scam, losing over $30,000. I reported it to Facebook, but they did nothing until I discovered this site from a crypto community. They retrieved approximately 95% of the total amount I lost which is still better than loosing everything. i am greatful to you and will recommend this site to my friends that got scammed as well.right qoute

left qouteGive them a try and Thank me later.right qoute

left qouteWell, i can't say sorry for your lost because you haven't lost yet, many things are total different in crypto world lately, it's almost impossible not to fall victim of all the various scams out there and it's really thoughtful that initiatives like this are set up to rescue people from these crooks, in addition, i would also recommend a licensed fraud analyst who can help you and finding this platform is already a big win for you because your funds are gonna get recovered.right qoute

left qouteI must confess that @galenbiden on telegram is a legitimate recovery expert because I lost to this as well but luckily I was able to get him on my case and helped me recover my funds with little effort on my partright qoute

left qouteThese guys know what they do best. Very happy I hired them. they helped me get back thousands of dollars i lost to this stupid trading scamright qoute

left qouteI was hoping i will be the first to leave them a bad review after encoutering so many fake recovery experts that only got me in more trouble in the name of helping me but after hiring them to try, it was a big win for me and i am greatful for them for restoring my trust in humanity againright qoute

left qouteGot Scammed of $270k by a fake platform and almost took my life because that was all I and my family had, they helped me recover everything I lost. Thank you all so much for your helpright qoute

left qoutei just started my crypto trading carrier and it was unfortunate that my first experience was falling victim for a scam. it almost took me out of the crypto world but due to the fact that i am not someone that gives up easily, i will keep pushing and this is just because i finally got my funds recovered which is like a whole new start and a motivation to be more vigilant about people i encounter online as there are too many scammers in the crypto spaceright qoute

left qoutereliable and trust worthy are the two most competent statements to make about my experience with this recovery firmright qoute

left qouteI had a bad experience with other recovery firms that charged me 50% of the amount i lost which i accepted and paid this amount only to end up getting scammed again, it has been a long journey for me trying to get back my funds and i am so glad that this firm made it an end for me by recovering my funds.right qoute

left qouteLost my money to pump and dump crypto scam. It was10 grand I work two jobs to support my family that’s alot for me. I got it back!right qoute

left qouteForex trading platform that i stumbled on...I thought it was the opportunity of a lifetime. After weeks of hitting a dead end, we contacted folks from Funds Recovery. We are in the middle of the process of getting our money back. if it doesnt work then i will table my problems here as i have a lot of friends that got scammed and have recommended this site to meright qoute

left qouteThey did an incredible helping me get back my funds from what seems to have already been lost.right qoute

left qouteI bought a Ledger Nano S just over a year ago, was storing most of my crypto in it and everything was going well. Well today, my Ledger broke. I stepped on the screen and it all smashed. Thank God i came across your platform to get the help i neededright qoute

left qouteThank you team for not only recovering my funds but for also tracking down these scammers to take a fall for their cruel actions. it never would have been possible without your help and i am glad the world is safer with these crooks behind barsright qoute

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When we can't help.

Trusting our service is the right decison that has always returned possitive results. however, it should be made known to all victims that there are cases where we wouldnt help and here are the key reasons in most cases:

Providing incorrect or misleading information

Failure to provide verifiable proof of transactions

Non-acceptance of our terms and conditions

When your transaction average recovery range is exceeded

Cybersecurity is an Investment, Not an Expense

Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, affecting businesses and individuals worldwide. TechForing’s expert team works with you to create a roadmap to protect your personal and business data and provide fast & effective incident response services to help you recover from a cyberattack.
Invest in your cybersecurity with us today!

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When we can help.

Recovering crypto assets requires a collaborative effort between our experts and the individuals seeking assistance. By providing accurate and comprehensive information about your transaction, you greatly increase the likelihood of a successful recovery outcome

Password doesn't work

We have developed a sophisticated system that utilizes advanced encryption algorithms and code combinations to assist individuals in decrypting forgotten wallet passwords for popular platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, Blockchain, Trust Wallet, and many more. Our system employs a combination of innovative techniques to enhance the success rate of password recovery while ensuring the utmost security and privacy of our victim's data.

Wallet Diagnosis

we have developed an advanced recovery system that not only assists in recovering lost or inaccessible wallets but also focuses on ensuring the safety and security of your digital assets. Our system includes a comprehensive wallet diagnosis feature that thoroughly examines the wallet's security measures to detect vulnerabilities and prevent potential hacker attacks.

Lost access to a major chain wallet

We understand that losing access to your crypto wallet can be an extremely distressing experience. However, we are here to assure you that all hope is not lost. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in helping individuals recover lost access to their crypto wallets, and we are committed to assisting you in this challenging situation

You've been scammed

we are specialized crypto recovery team who are specialized in recoverying crypto assets lost through the various means

  • Investment scams
  • Trading scams
  • Funds sent to the wrong wallet
  • Finding private keys
  • Binary scams
  • Finding wallet IDs
  • Fixing withdrawal issues and more.

Hi there, if you're a victim of a crypto scam or other scams, report case to our recovery team now!

We are available 24/7 to help you with your recovery cases...