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Cutting-edge security for multi party backups

Backup your seed phrases with trust-less redundant backup shards of your seed phrase. Individually, each shard is non-sensitive, but when multiple are combined, your seed is revealed. Mathematically proven using Shamir Secret Sharing.

Your seed is secured and split

We implment robust multi-factor authentication mechanisms to provide an additional layer of security. This helps prevent unauthorized access to seed phrases,as users must provide multiple forms of verification to prove their identity.

Your seed is secured and split

We have a strict zero-logging policy, meaning that we do not keep any records of user seed phrases. By not storing this sensitive information, we eliminate the risk of potential data breaches that could compromise user accounts.

Stop getting locked out of your wallets. There's a better way.

A home for your seed phrases.

A place to manage all your keys

Easily import key fragments

Your fragments managed in one place

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