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Welcome to our Crypto Asset Recovery website, where we specialize in helping individuals who have encountered difficulties with their cryptocurrency transactions and /assets. We understand that the world of cryptocurrencies can be complex and unforgiving, and even the smallest mistake can result in significant financial losses. That's where we come in.

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Any and all secure client data is stored and processed on secure, air-gapped servers to protect your data.

Recovery of /assets

Our team of experienced professionals will recover your lost or misplaced cryptocurrency


When we can't help.

Trusting our service is the right decison that has always returned possitive results. however, it should be made known to all victims that there are cases where we wouldnt help and here are the key reasons in most cases:

Providing incorrect or misleading information

Failure to provide verifiable proof of transactions

Non-acceptance of our terms and conditions

When your transaction average recovery range is exceeded

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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

How does it work?

The techniques we use to recover our clients’ accounts vary widely from case to case. In the event of a password recovery we will walk our clients through extracting an encrypted private key backup and building a comprehensive list of possible password guesses. We then transfer our client’s data to secure password cracking servers that use the data collected from the client to try billions or trillions of possible password combinations until the correct password is found.

Can I trust you?

We understand the issue of trust and authority is one that must be addressed before our clients feel comfortable sharing sensitive financial information with us. We are the only crypto asset recovery company with public founders who have been featured in multiple global media outlets such as the BBC, Business Insider, and VICE (read more about our founders Chris and Charles) .Furthermore, is a registered LLC in good standing in the state of New Hampshire with a public business address.

Do I need to tell you all my passwords?

No. We will never ask our clients to divulge more information than they are comfortable sharing with us.

Can you recover scammed or stolen assets?

Unfortunately, no. When you have lost funds to a crypto scam, the odds of recovering those funds are very small to none. What we do offer, however, are scam tracing services.

Scam tracing is for anyone who has been scammed and wishes to explore every option possible for recovery. Our investigations specialists will create a case detailing and visualizing the path your funds took and any connections we are able to make to real-world entities. Once you have that information on hand we will explain the recommended recovery path through law enforcement and any relevant exchanges to give you the best chance at recovery possible.

We published an article on best practices when you have been the victim of a scam, you can read it here.

How long does the recovery process take?

The process of recovering lost crypto can vary in time from as short as 1 hour, to as long as 6+ months. While this may sound lengthy, this is because we typically exhaust our initial search within a week after initially onboarding a client. After this initial search has been exhausted, we hold on to the private key backup and password guesses to continue retesting as we discover new recovery vectors and expand our hardware capabilities (unless otherwise requested to delete client information).

Do I need to tell you all my passwords?

No. We will never ask our clients to divulge more information than they are comfortable sharing with us.

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